Cut Sleeves

by Bits of Shit

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Limited edition - 300 copies only - available at:

The download code included with the LP will make Cut Sleeves appear in your "Fan Collection".


And thus, the band is Bits of Shit. These charmers have been around for about 3 and a half years, having morphed from another previous outfit, The Southernhay Orphans. The band consists of Danny on vocals, Andy on guitar, Elias on bass and Pete on drums. They've played over 50 shows in their lifespan, released a 7" on Melbourne's Lexicon Devil label (now sold out), tore up the east coast a couple of times and played at Melbourne's annual Maggotfest at the Tote. They're even set to play Memphis' Holy Grail of rock & roll festivals, Gonerfest, September 2012 (as well as other shows throughout the US). Their ages range from the early 20s to the early 40s. In real life, they are responsible citizens, two of them educators of young children; on stage, they are Bits of Shit.

Cut Sleeves is the debut full-lengther from the band and is available only on the 12" long-player format, featuring a download card, lyric sheet and the stunning cover art of local artist, Rona Green. All 13 tracks were recorded by the band and mixed and mastered by man-about-town, Mikey Young.

The sound of Bits of Shit is caught within the netherworld of tough-arsed Aussie punk/pub rock a la Powder Monkeys / X / Rose Tattoo, the fuzzed minimalism of Wire and The Wipers and the art brut of Black Flag and their minions. Danny's nasally howl is part John Lydon and part Bon Scott, Andy’s guitar hysterics stem squarely from the Ginn-damaged school of six-string dementia, and that rhythm section... those kids are sphincter-tight. In short: THIS IS THE REAL DEAL.

In a live setting, Bits of Shit have knocked socks off and frightened unsuspecting squares from the premises on frequent occasions. The pure ENERGY of the band is captivating. Cut Sleeves captures that energy for all to hear, even in the comfort of your very own living room. When you have THE SONGS and THE ENERGY together, THAT is the reason why Cut Sleeves must be purchased and heard, capice? Ergo sum whatever-the-fuck. Good night.


Depending on their musical persuasion anyone who has witnessed the Bits of Shit Music Club perform in full flight will testify to how a) rocking or b) disturbing they are. Decked out in denim patch jackets, the Melbourne four-piece belts out a riff-heavy punk rock that brings to mind mid-era Black Flag, classic Aussie rock and restraining orders.
Danny Vanderpol is a true frontman. Charismatic verging on psychotic, he channels the energy of Iggy and Hank Rollins – spewing what seams a stream of conscious diatribe against all that is ‘square’. The round peg sings/howls wide eyed into his hands, crawls across stage and basically has a breakdown in front of the audience. The polite term is ‘animated’.
The band’s debut album does a great job at capturing this manic live energy. From ‘Orphan Age’ and ‘Patrol’ – two flat-out burners – to the slower ‘Flunkies’ the BOS offer some musical dexterity. The instrumental ‘Reign’ shows off Andy Lang’s guitar chops – that pay more than a little debt to Greg Ginn (SST records/Black Flag) – while ‘Wedding Song’ starts with an AC/DC-like riff then turns bonkers.
They have an upcoming tour to the US that will include an appearance at Memphis’s Goner Fest, and after listening to this wild musical excursion I only pray that they return in their denim jackets and not body bags.
- Tim Scott (, 17th July 2012)


"The record hits a delicate balance (of sorts) not succumbing to a sameness that has a tendency to sink lesser-thought-out punk releases. Looking at these blokes, they don't strike you as the 'thinking man's punk band' or as though there's much intellectuality applied to any aspect of their music (recorded or live), but their song structures, delivery, and the fact that it's actually taken them bloody ages to release a debut album suggest a more considered approach than they'd have you initially think. There's more than enough variation in tempo and structure to keep you engaged, and a few of the more melodic parts (notably on Rock Sing) and Orphan Age) harbour many of the facets of great pop songs under the rumble and thrash of punk formats - but please don't tell them I said that.
- Samson McDougall (Inpress, 8th August 2012)


Forget any ideas of coolness or irony: this is not being played tongue-in-cheek. This debut album does a great job of capturing their dizzying propulsive energy. It tickles similar hard-rock brain receptors as, say, The Dacios’ Monkey's Blood or Deaf Wish’s Reality & Visions did in the recent past. About 20 seconds in, instrumental opener ‘F’ sets the ground rules when it locks into a solid groove with Andy Lang spraying tight, noisy chords all over the shop. ‘Rock Sing’ features buzzing guitars that sound like a wall of flies a couple of metres thick, while the harsh, repetitive riff of ‘Traps’ is a lurching monster that may make you feel seasick. Singer Danny Vanderpol sounds like the class clown after a few drinks: clever and needling, a sarcastic little shit who brings an exaggerated effect to a lot of the lines. Listen to him squawk at the start of ‘Patrol’.
But as with Total Control, some people insist on missing the point and blunting the overall effect of the music by worrying too much about where it has come from, trying to isolate specific influences. That's a waste of time. Sure you can hear echoes of some old-school L.A. punk, but on this album the Bits have come up with something more than just the sum of its parts.
- Trevor Block (, 10th August 2012)



released July 19, 2012

The Bits of Shit are:
Danny: vocals / lagerphone
Elias: bass / backing vocals
Andy: guitar / xylophone
Pete: drums / can kicking

Recorded by Pete at the Thornbury Clubhouse, 2011
Mixed and mastered by Mikey Young
Rock Sing & Flunkies written by the Up-Syndrome,
all other songs by the B.O.S.M.C

Cover drawing by Rona Green
Back photo by Cimony Van der pol
Lettering by Dandy Lang der pol
Layout by Richard Stanley

Dedicated to all our fallen:
Jim, Joan, Brendon, Steve & Scarlet

Thanks to all members & affiliates



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Rock Sing
We can’t stand new-age punk
Jazzless, souless skating funk
Look at us like we’re old and jaded
We’re not fifteen, which is why we hate it.

B.O.S.M.C, repo man
Oscar the Grouch, in garbage can
Take ‘em down, like so many pegs
See how they dance without any legs
Ear plugs, tattooed tears
Playing music, we don’t want to hear
Don’t fuck with my punk
Don’t fuck: dead duck

This be our modest proposal
A blunt instrument: mass disposal
Their rock’n’roll IS noise pollution
A re-instatement of a final solution
Ear plugs, tattooed tears
Playing music, we don’t want to hear

The seizure, seizure of control
Track Name: Ownership
Dinner was delicious very nice
Exotic ingredients wild rice
Amid the clatter of clutlery and dinners din
We broke bread and made a toast to our richness within

Can't get enough of it
We own a pile of it

Guests exploded in a frenzy of feed
Theirs was a sacrament gelatinous greed
Amid the clatter of clutlery and dinners din
His white teeth remained on a whiter napkin
Track Name: Wedding Song
I ain't forgotten
All gains ill-gotten
I ain't forgotten
All gains ill-gotten

Like the smell that still lingers
And the rings that fell off your fingers
And the marriage manufactured
Fused like glass set to be fractured

No, I ain't forgotten
No, I ain't forgotten

We had a house we started with the cracks
Our guests they ain't coming back
Two kids playing an adult game
You can't fix your identity by changing your name

Before this
Remember that
Track Name: Out Of Toon
Can’t get Air-fix its all Super-glue
Can’t read good comics they‘re all cartoons
The stickers on my ciggas say my health is screwed
Scars and strife and
Looney tunes

Everything is diluted mediated through
Like a picture through a window I look askew
It cant get fucked it is already screwed
High as a kite

At the back of the bus for the longer ride
The perfect product with no contents inside
When everybody’s running I don’t bother to hide
I sail through the middle of a
Turning tide

I love peanut butter
The Humongous and Toe-cutter
The Flying Purple People Eaters’
Retarded Brother.
Track Name: Patrol
Be careful out on Patrol free folk tend to roam
Be careful out on Patrol don’t be a fool foretold

Step between the Stones

The white glow of a false dawn
A ruinous doorway began to yawn
Is it a home? Or is a tomb?
A full litter of naked children
Swarming the room

Step between the stones

Your enemy could not foresee the wire
Now your enemy, is dancing on fire
Now your enemy, is blackened like tyre
Because your enemy could not foresee
the wire.
Track Name: Red Blade
Red blade: won’t you shine for me tonight
Red blade: slice slivers of moonlight
Red blade: quick quivers of delight
And a red-blade

You go deliver the dare to vile dogs everywhere
You go deliver the dare so vile dogs everywhere
Will share my red-blade

Red church: red people
Red church: red steeple
Red rivers: red coffins
Red caps. Red capes
Red monkeys. Red apes
And a Red Blade.
Track Name: Traps
Bound in skin written in blood
A clotted history buried in mud
Part gorilla, part man,
He set himself free
M.D.M. SS-capee

M- for malevolent
A- for anarchy
C- for chaos in the colony
T- for the traps
That wouldn’t let him be
M.D.M SS-capee

Running wild against the order,
Howling at the moon he crossed the border
But in brief time man-dog feared
Had his head dispatched
Then they scalped his beard

He had a mad dog in his mind
Mad dog, all of the time
Kicking and a howling all of the time
Digging for the bones of a

Now his sightless eyes propped open reflect
The two black holes buried deep in his neck
And this inscrutable land which will never yield
Has closed up again like blood
Track Name: Tally's World
It’s a wonderful world that I live in
I live in castle and wear animal skin
I live the life that I imagine in
Tally’s World

There are beautiful things you’ve never tasted before
And the air is thick like caramel
You can eat all you want and there’s always more in
Tally’s World

There are forgotten games we will teach you to play
All night, all time and all of the day and
I’m sure you will want to stay in
Tally’s World.
Track Name: Flunkies
In the halls of misfortune not all doors are open to offers
If there’s one thing that we don’t favour
It be your cop ‘n’ blow set,
Lined up to love thy neighbor

In the slammer of enrapture not all slaves have been captured
If there’s one thing that we have found
You can’t eat your way out of a garbage compound

When we come around you tie your insurrections down
Don’t you know our colors never run but they’ve always bled

When up falls down
There’ll be fury with no sound
Don’t you know
Three can keep a secret if two are dead
Track Name: Orphan Age
Let me tell you about a book I found
It was lying there on the ground
Read a little read a lot
Finished it off in the parking lot
It was a revelation can't you see
Green bible for you and me

Page one: the storm had begun
Page two: knew what to do
Page three: was out of my tree
Four: flat on the floor
Five: the lights came on and cave come alive

Get out of your cage
All hail the Orphan-age

We are kings and queens
Soldiers in green

Shoot the sage
All hail the Orphan-age